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Canadian Grain & Livestock Newswire

    The Canadian Grain & Livestock Newswire is produced by Commodity News Service Canada (CNS). CNS is a Winnipeg, Manitoba based commodity and business information company, specializing in news about Canadian resources and companies.
    Operating since 1975, the company was originally started by Don Bousquet, a respected and well known agricultural commodity analyst. The company is now headed by Mike Jubinville, also current head of Pro Farmer Canada...a market advisory service which works with farmers in grain marketing.
    Besides journalistic endeavours, CNS produces the Farm Market News radio program twice daily, heard across Western Canada. The program focuses on the Winnipeg and Chicago grain futures markets and has been a respected source of information for farmers for over 30 years.
    The Canadian Grain & Livestock Newswire features Canadian grain market information and analysis with weekly analysis of the Chicago Board of Trade. The service is updated throughout the day starting with a pre-opening forecast of the Winnipeg market and will operate every day that the Winnipeg Commodity Exchange is open. A one year subscription costs $100 plus tax. Quarterly subscriptions cost $30 plus tax. To subscribe, please complete and submit our order form or call us at (204) 942-1459.
    The information is produced by a team of reporters and analysts in Western Canada with links to global sources.

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